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Early Childhood Programs are going to be a big step for your toddler. The Ready to Go class and the Turning Two’s class are both designed to prepare your child for success. Children and their parent/caregiver attend classes for five weeks, establishing security and routines. After these first five weeks, your toddler will gently transition to group and teacher time. Parents/caregivers are moved to a classroom across the hall and are available to their children at a moment’s notice. The toddlers enjoy the interaction with other toddlers and parallel play. They learn to share, emulate positive behavior, play independently, and develop good listening skills. Parents/caregivers enjoy workshops led by occupational therapists, speech pathologists, child psychologists, our rabbinical team, and school leaders to better understand child development, school curriculum, and the challenges that lay ahead.

For more information, class availability, and pricing, please contact Karen Forster.

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